Refreshed & Rehydrated,
this Corgi is BACK with
a New Look!



Change log: 



A total remaster of the
Corgi Mom Base!

Built from the ground up with all new features, model work, textures, customization, and introducing a male variant!


Please have a basic understanding of both the UnitySDK & the Blender3D software

Documentation will be provided for how to upload your avatar to the desired platform you wish to upload to!


Base Model contains:

Base Model + Accessories contains:

Requirements & Recommendations


For Resonite -

Terms of Service; TLDR

YOU MUST BE 18+ TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. If you did not follow the link to my TOS (which I strongly recommend you read, as you are agreeing to it by purchasing this product), here is a shortened Dos & Dont for the avatar and the permissions you have when using the product.

You may:

You may not:

You understand and agree that:

This avatar is copyrighted as of 2023. Any attempt to resell this product outside of the intellectual property violates TOS and can result in legal action.

Check out my avatar world to try out the avatar before you buy it!

Documentation PDF is included with the purchase, but an up-to-date one can be found here when new updates are released!

Took a cool picture or made something neat with the avatar? Tweet at me! I'd love to see what you cooked up with it!